About the website

The Marion & Ed Hughes Public Library web site went on line May 1999. In June 2007 underwent a complete metamorphosis. I'd like to thank the following for all their assistance:

  1. Library staff for their many hours of online research as we developed our list of needs and design elements;
  2. Roland Lemonius for his dedication in putting our design elements and "wish list" together to develop the final templates for the site. Also, for his assistance as I learned to maintain the site; and
  3. Brittny Bevil for donating her artistic talents and designing the header for the pages. She took the many ideas we presented her and molded them into a cohesive unit that we think is fantastic.

The information on these pages is always in flux. Our goal though is always to provide our patrons with another view of the library, an additional access point for their information needs, and information on the library's various services. If you have questions or comments about the general information available on this web site or about the web site itself you can send them to us through e-mail: vklehn@ned.lib.tx.us.

You can also write to us at:

Marion & Ed Hughes Public Library
2712 Nederland Avenue
Nederland, TX 77627