The Vatican's Official Site - The Holy See
The Holy See offers over 1200 documents, a news service, papal speeches, and church policies on such controversial subject matters as female priests.
Navigating the Bible II
Focus is learning about the Torah or Old Testament. The Atlas subsection offers essays on the characters and events of the Old Testament. Topics covered include history, beliefs, artifacts, and natural sciences. Full site searching is available.
World Wide Bible Study
Part of Christian Classics Ethereal Library, this site connects users to Internet resources related to particular books or portions of the bible. Users access links to an overview of the book as well as commentaries, sermons, and the entire text of the book.
World Wide Encyclopedia of Christianity
Single reference source with links to the contents of the Catholic Encyclopedia, Easton's Bible Dictionary, Torrey's Topical Textbook, and Elwell's Dictionary of Christian Theology.