Employment and Career Information

Looking for a job? This collection of resources should help you get started. You might want to start with some of the major online employment listings, or get started with local resources. If you're not sure where to start, look at careers. You can also find specific tips for resumes, interviews, and salary negotiation.

Texas Workforce
This site is divided into the following categories: Search for Jobs; Tips on Work Search; Interviews and Resumes; Career Planning and Trends; Training Providers and Programs; Job Trends; Wages and Other Job Market Data; Employee Rights and Laws; Wage Claim and Child Labor Complaint Processes; Child or Elder Care and Transportation Services; Unemployment Claim and Appeals Information; Work and Family Support Information; Other Services and Information; and Related Sites.

Looking for a job? The Hughes Public Library has a handy tool for job seekers called JOBView. The database serves as an aggregator for job openings within the state of Texas as well as the rest of the country. Position descriptions can be printed, emailed, or sent to your cell phone. The database will automatically route you to the employer’s or program’s website in order to apply. This easy-to-use job database can be searched freely via our public computers in the library which have desktop icons for one-click access to JobView, or you can access this resource from home with any Internet-connected computer by clicking the link above.
A service of the U.S. Department of Labor, CareerOneStop offers a wide range of career, employment and education data. You can:
  • Explore Careers: Get a better job… Self-assessments… Browse occupations and industries… Find employment trends and what's hot… and more
  • Education + Training: Define your plan… Keep learning… Find schools… Pay for education and training… and more
  • Resumes + Interviews: Resume advice, samples & templates… Cover letters and thank-you notes… Interviews… and more
  • Salary + Benefits: Wage and salary information… Benefits… Relocating… and more
  • Job Search: Plan your search… Browse job sites.. After an offer… and more
  • People + Places to Help: Services near you… State web sites… Unemployment insurance… Salary negotiation… Employment training services... and more
Texas Workskills Development in Libraries Project
Texas Workskills Development in Libraries, better known as TWDL (pronounced "twiddle"), is a cooperative effort by the 10 regional library systems in Texas. Texas resident seeking more information regarding job training resources can explore this site which is constantly updated as information becomes available. You will find help, information, and a schedule of workshops regarding resume preparation, writing cover letters, online application completion, job hunting strategies, and interviewing techniques. You will also find links to self-paced tutorials, lists of agencies offering training by region, and much more.

USA Jobs

The federal government's official jobs site.

Provides information about nonprofit jobs and volunteer opportunities in the United States and around the world. Search by industry, location or keyword.

JobStar was created by the Bay Area Library & Information System (BALIS).  This resource includes career guides, information on resume writing, salary surveys, and job hunting, free online career tests, and other information.  Job advertisements are for primarily for California.
Cover Letter Library
200 samples of cover letters for a variety of jobs and situations.
Riley Guide
This is a gateway to job-related resource.  Good for finding sources for specialized jobs, it includes links to information on all aspects of the job search, as well as help wanted databases.

Resume Workshop

Resume Workshop was designed by Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL). Besides covering the basic elements of a resume, Resume Workshop provides a step-by-step explanation and how-to guide. They also have a link to OWL's Cover Letter Workshop.
Steps to Successful Interviewing
Short article with information on various aspects of the interview process, such as how to prepare for an interview, sample interview questions, etc.

Job searching website created by Dick Bolles, author of "What Color is Your Parachute?" Contains job search strategies, articles, career assessment tools and web resources for conducting a job search.
Occupational Outlook Handbook
A classic reference about occupations from A to Z. Compiled by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Includes a description of the work, training, and education and more.
Vocational Information Center
Links to career descriptions which includes information such as daily activities, skills required, salary and training required. Excellent source of information.