Mobile MakerSpace

Learn, Create and Make when the Mobile MakerSpace is scheduled.


What is the Mobile MakerSpace?

A makerspace is a place where creative people can gather, create, invent, and learn. The library’s version is a Mobile MakerSpace. Staff can set up all or part of it anywhere in the library. Whether you want to tinker with technology, such as the Makey Makey; create a replica of the Eiffel Tower using our 3Doodler pen; or just cut designs with our shape cutting machine to use in your scrapbook, the Mobile Makerspace has something for you, your family, and friends.  

What types of things are included in the Mobile Makerspace?

  • Silhouette Cameo 2 Electronic Cutting Tools (designs are available)
  • Die Cut Systems and Dies -- Ellison, Accucut, All-Star
  • 3Doodler 3D Pen
  • Makey Makey
  • Sphero Sprk Edition
  • Buttonmaker
  • Scanner
  • Strawbees
  • and more.

Equipment information and details can be found here.

Please note that there is some equipment that is for use only in Library programs or by Library staff, at this time. These include the Sphero, 3D printer, and Eggbot. We are working on putting together procedures so that print orders for the 3D printer and Eggbot can be submitted for staff to run. Eventually, we may provide "certification" or detailed training so they become available for direct use. When we are at that point, we'll post information so you may learn more about the "certification" process.


When is the MakerSpace equipment available?

At present, we will be hosting the following regular program unless the library is closed on a specific day. Please note the designated ages for each program.

Maker Mondays -- 2nd Monday of each month from 6:00pm -8:30pm. This program is for ages 13 and up. Each Monday we'll highlight 2 or 3 projects or tools.

LEGO Afternoon -- Every Wednesday from 4:00pm - 5:30pm. This program is for ages 8 and up. We'll provide the LEGOS so please don't bring your own. Don't worry, we have DUPLOS available for the younger children.

Getting Crafty -- 3rd Thursday of each month from 4:00pm - 5:30pm. This program is for ages 10 and up.

And don't forget to check the Library Calendar since the MakerSpace Coordinator will also schedule periodic programs that either highlight specific aspects of the makerspace, such as showing how to use the 3Doodler pen or Silhouette Cameo, or a specific craft, such as scrapbooking and themed-craft days.

Who can use The Mobile Makerspace?

Anyone ages 8 and up can use it but there are some things that you should know.

  • To use any equipment, you must first sign a waiver (we will keep it on file, so you only need to sign one). A parent or guardian must sign for youth under 18. Waivers are available at the Circulation Desk or can be downloaded here.
  • Children ages 8 to 15 must have an adult with them at all times to use Mobile MakerSpace.
  • No open toed shoes, please. Some of the materials might be dangerous to your digits, and we want you to leave with as many toes as you had when you came in.
  • No loose-fitting or dangling clothes or jewelry. It could get caught in a machine.
  • Tie back your long hair. It would hurt a lot if it got caught in a machine. Ouch!

Does it cost anything to use the equipment?

For the most part no! General use of the space, equipment, and software is free of charge with your library card. Some equipment needs material though, such as paper, vinyl, wax, plastic, etc. Depending on the equipment you can either bring your own items or purchase them from us. You can see the current fee schedule here. For instance, you may bring in your own paper, cardsotck or vinyl for use with the letter/shape cutters. The MakerSpace coordinator must approve all user-supplied materials before they are used on MakerSpace equipment to prevent damage to equipment, or harm to users within the Library.

Can I donate items to the Mobile Makerspace?

Yes, we accept a variety of new or "like-new" items for donation, such as LEGOS, duct tape (various colors and designs); scissors, crayons, colored pencils, sticker, unopened school glue or glue sticks, markers, beads, and jewelry making supplies, etc. For information on additional items needed, contact Molli Hall at 722-1255.