Mobile MakerSpace Fees

Button sets-- $ .50 per button

3Doodler Pen -- $ .50 per strand of filament

3D printer -- $1.00 per print job + $0.10 per gram (for fillament used)

Eggbot -- $1.00 per print job

Fake eggs -- $ .50 each

Ping pong balls -- $ .05 each

Vinyl -- $2.00 per foot

Transfer paper -- $2.00 per foot

Card stock (8-1/2 x 11) -- $0.04 per sheet

Sticker paper (8-1/2 x 11) -- $0.50 each

Copy paper (8-1/2 x 11) -- $0.02 each


Cutting Machine Supplies

Please bring your own materials for cutting.
We have designs available. If you need a design we don't own, you may bring in your own design or you may pay us to purchase the design you need.

Manual Cutting Machines -- Ellison, AccuCut, and All-Star

Please bring your own materials for cutting.
A wide variety of dies are available for use. Ask the staff fo the binders to see if we have a design that will meet your needs.

Please note: Most items, such as paper, cardstock, etc. are straight forward supplies. Just in case though, the MakerSpace coordinator must approve all user-supplied materials before they are used on the equipment. This will help prevent damage to equipment, or harm to users within the Library.