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Kids' Castle
Sponsored by the Smithsonian Magazine for eight to fourteen year-olds. Major sections include: History, Arts, Worldwide, Personalities, Sports, Air & Space, and Animals. Includes photos from the Smithsonian archives. Links to additional sites are included.
Nine Planets: an Interactive Tour of the Solar System
Interactive site supplies statistics for all the bodies in the solar system, photos, diagrams, and music. Great for young people interested in astronomy or with homework assignments.
Virtual Renaissance: A Journey through Time
Includes information on the Renaissance Period, such as the plague, times of Shakespeare, the Tower of London.
Amazing Travel Bureau
Sponsored by the National Geographic, this sites lets you make interactive journeys into some of the world's fascinating places and play interactive games.
Science Net
According to project coordinator, Science Net brings together K-12 education resource links and classifies by the Dewey Decimal system, creating virtual library shelves. The site will eventually have eight subject gateways: physics, biology, botany, zoology, geology, paleontology, and astronomy. It is further broken down by target audience: teachers, K-6, and 7-12.
NMNH Virtual Tour of the Dinosaurs
Sponsored by the National Museum of Natural History, this site offers insight into the Smithsonian's large dinosaur collection. The site can be accessed alphabetically by dinosaur, by dinosaur groups, or time period. Photos are accompanied by a brief commentary. There is also a special tours section and collection of related links.

also try these sites on dinosaurs...

Dinosauria On-Line
Includes articles on a variety of topics, hot links and is fully searchable.
The Dinosauricon
Provides information on specific dinosaurs, time periods, anatomy, and an extensive art gallery.