How to: Check my Reading History

You may want to print out this page for future reference.

Have you ever wanted to keep a record of the books you’ve read, but never had time to make a list or can’t find the list you did start? There’s now a solution using your library account.

Accessible online through "My Account," Reading History records the title, author, and checkout date for all items checked out to you once you "opt in" to the service. You may turn your Reading History on or off at any time by deleting the history and "Opting out" of the service. Please be aware that if you elect to keep a Reading History, under the USA Patriot Act, it may be subject to examination by law enforcement authorities without your permission.

Working with Reading History:

  1. In the library's Online Catalog or on the library's homepage, select the link or button called "My Account."

  2. A login page will appear and you will be asked to 14 digit library barcode number and PIN (last name in lower case). Click the "Submit" button and you will be logged in to your account.

    NOTE: If for some reason your information is not accepted, please visit the circulation desk at the library or call us at 722-1255 so that we can correct it.

  3. Once you have logged into your account, you will see your personal information. You will have tabs to allow you to check the number of items you have checked out, holds, and fines on the account.

  4. Click the "My Info" tab. You will see the button "Preferences." Check the box that says "Show my Checkout History" and then click the "Update" button. From that point on, any items you check out will be listed in your personal reading history. Previously checked out items will not be listed. You may delete any or all items from the list at any time
  5. To see your reading history, check the "Checkouts" tab. You will see the "My Checkout History" button. Click on it to get a list of all items checked out since you activated your history.
  6. Logout of your account when you are finished. This is very important to ensure your privacy. Just click the "Logout" button and you will be returned to the main search screen.